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Jan 31, 2008
10:53 AM
John E Newton ICT
From: Hull (The nice bit)
Favorite: Ripper: Letters from hell
It is AMAZING how much Daniella looks like a girl named Nicola who used the work on my HR department, it was really funny too, cause the first time I saw Ripper: Letters from hell, I was still working with her, I couldn't stop noticing. Wierd!
Nov 18, 2007
11:19 AM
From: vancouver!!
Favorite: all of the above!
wow, you are soooo pretty.
do you still live in vancouver?
maybe ill see ya!
well, im a new fan, but you totally rock!
Jul 14, 2007
4:46 PM
Jeremy Stangness
From: Ottawa
Favorite: Collector
Hey Daniella...I met you in Vancouver a few years ago when i was visiting Toni there. I just heard about her today.....
Jul 13, 2007
11:07 AM
Maxim Paw..
From: Chibougamau, Quebec
Favorite: edgemont
not realy... only signing ^^ vini, vidi, vici, puis j'partis
Jun 19, 2007
2:57 PM
From: somewhere on tour
Favorite: All of them.
I have been toying with the idea of writing/producing/directing weekend at bernies part 3. It takes place in east van. Is this something you would be interested in? It would be shot on High 8. Ps. can't wait to see you when i get home. -Mike
Mar 8, 2007
8:35 AM
From: Portland, OR
Favorite: Blood Ties :-)
Hello Ms. Evangelista,

My name is Jessie and I'm one of the 3 people who run Bloodlines - a fan site for the upcoming show Blood Ties. Our website is http://www.bloodties-bloodlines.com/

We are a new site and we would love to interview you about your experience playing Cassis on the show. Would this be possible?

Thank you for your time,
Jan 8, 2007
12:21 PM
Randy E
From: Coquitlam
Favorite: The ones I'm in.
You look more appropriate to the role of Princess Leia than to that Queen Amaldahyde --formaldehyde, character, whatever her name is.

Hey, I second that motion from your cousin below.

Jan 6, 2007
4:05 PM
NICCO LUCA (your cousin)
Favorite: all of them
hey daniella, long time no see or talk laugh out loud. Hope all is well.how are the movies comming? even though it was a long time ago, you did great on the show the collector. Well i hope i seee you soon

Nicholas Luca
your cousin!!!
Dec 29, 2006
8:08 PM
From: the beaconsfield
Favorite: on my couch
"I believe in miracles, where you from, you sexy thing"
Nov 18, 2006
5:07 PM
From: Vancouver
Favorite: A.S.S.
Hey, Daniella...

This is probably one of the more interesting ways I've pitched in recent years but I thought... Hell, why not. I'm a screenwriter repped by Lucas Talent out of Vancouver and I'd like to run a pitch by you... Following is the logline and synopsis and let me know if your interested in taking a look. It's an action/adventure with a female lead. Here goes...

Title - Site 3
“Daredevil” action with “Bad Company” characters meet “A Clockwork Orange” after a stint in rehab to remove the LSD
Theme – Everyone leads two lives. One the world sees. And one they guard from scrutiny.

Logline – When an introvert begins missing blocks of time she soon discovers that there’s a second person inside that takes over. A person put there by rogue CIA brainwashers who programmed her for covert assassinations.

This is a fast script with a definite flair in dramatic characterization… an action script with the power to make you cry. Every woman out there can relate to Monica Nichols. That is exactly how she was written, with the constant fluctuation of female self esteem in mind, many times toward the low. So, keeping how women feel at the forefront, I created a second personality that they all want to be… a woman who takes change, kicks ass and couldn’t be bothered with taking names. Two character arcs, one person. While Monica increases her self-esteem, her second personality becomes less aggressive and humanized.

This is high budget. There are a lot of stunts and huge action sequences involving helicopters, expensive cars, hang gliders, bridge jumps and H’wood fireballs. I wrote this while thinking, “Screw the budget, I’m doing this for fun, and a true test if I’m actually any good at this will be if this thing ever gets made.”

So whatta yah figure, Girl? Send me an e-mail if you're interested or you can call Lucas and ask for Doreen for a copy of the script.

How about it everyone? Should she give it a read? Raise your hands and give me a "Hell yeah!"

Lol... either way. Take care, you.

Nov 10, 2006
9:50 AM
From: Vancouver
Favorite: Lov'em all
Hey Daniella,

Its your good ol'friend from back in the day. I'm still hanging with the old highschool crew. We miss ya. Give us a call and we can make some plans to hang when you're in town. I think the last time we hung we went to a certain University party...ehemmmm!! LOL

Email me when you get some time girl.

Love Pavan.
Nov 5, 2006
5:54 AM
guillaume bertrand
dear daniella it's guillaume again! i just want to let you know! change your email address to reach me(personal reasons) i would love to hear from you without you getting so cold at me! i'm just a fan ****!!!!!!
guillaume bertrand
Nov 3, 2006
10:49 AM
Neil Evangelista
From: Boca Raton, Florida
I'm just wondering if you too are descended from the Evangelista clan of Pignataro Interamna, Italy, along with Supermodel Linda and me.

Warmest regards,

Oct 20, 2006
8:37 AM
From: Australia
Oh the things you find when you're bored and you put your own name into a search engine! I havent seen any of your work but my name is Daniella too!
Oct 15, 2006
7:25 PM
guillaume bertrand
Favorite: edgemont
hey daniella i'm guillaume i saw you in edgemont you're incredibly beautiful and a really awesome actress , let me send you the poem i wrote for you on drakebelldouble@hotmail.com , please get back to me with an address that will be able to send you the poem back
guillaume bertrand
here's mine : drakebelldouble@hotmail.com
take care, your fan
Aug 6, 2006
3:37 PM
From: New York City
Favorite: Hamtaro
Hi Daniella! I'm Laura and I haven't seen any of your movies but I know you voice Kana in Hamtaro and I must say you do a great job on it! Keep up the good work!
Aug 5, 2006
12:27 PM
From: San Jose, California
Favorite: Stargate SG-1 / Smallville
Well the only perfomaces I've seen you on was Smallville and Stargate SG-1, but didn't know of your other projects that you have done like 4400,Edgemont,and so on and I have to say that I am a sorry ass missing each one...Well I think you were great on Smallville but I loved your performance on Stargate SG-1 "Crusade" evan though it was a breif part on the series...I know that you are Canadian citizen, but your last name sounds Italian? Well just wanted to let you know that you made a fan out of me, and many best wishes on any up and coming projects you do!!!
Jun 18, 2006
4:42 AM
ryan pilon pilon
From: east van
Favorite: mangler 2
miss u
Jun 16, 2006
3:57 AM
aproncur tegin
From: Turkey
You have the eyes of the Heaven. All my poems are writen for your eyes.
May 24, 2006
12:56 PM
Hi. Very nice site . Thank you.
May 22, 2006
10:41 AM
From: emmh...
Favorite: Hamtaro/ you are Kanna's VA!
You are really beautiful, nice site, bye! ^^
May 17, 2006
3:26 AM
Really great website. Good job! It was very interesting reading it.

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May 7, 2006
3:12 PM
From: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Favorite: Hamtaro
What a great website! I was just searching for some info about you for my site, and I come across this site. I live in Vancouver, Canada too as you can see. And I think you do a great job as a voice actor for Kana. Keep up the hamtastic work!
Apr 12, 2006
11:30 AM
From: WebPage
Favorite: WebPage
John Wooden Saying: There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer.
Apr 6, 2006
12:29 PM
From: italy
Mar 12, 2006
5:42 AM
From: HomePage
Favorite: WebPage
Hi , John Wooden Saying:
You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.
Mar 5, 2006
11:18 PM
From: hk
Favorite: stargate
you so lovely and beautiful
Mar 5, 2006
12:44 PM
From: Montreal
i am a fan.
Feb 25, 2006
3:25 PM
From: Ontario
Favorite: Hamtaro
You play the voice of Kana in Hamtaro so you have worked with Moneca Stori. I think you do a great job doing the voice of Kana.
Feb 9, 2006
1:48 PM
Jason evangelista
Favorite: collector
daniella ,

hi my name is jason evangelista ,were is your family from mine is from chicago , my dad;s family came from there and his parents are BOB evangelista and nancy ,
well i thought to e-mail you and say great job and nice name , go italia and