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Nov 27, 2001
9:21 AM
From: Edmonton
Favorite: Edgemont
I just wanted to congratulate Daniella for all her success! I am an aspiring actress myself, and you definitley help pave the way!
Great work...and hope to see you in more stuff.
If you ever have a moment of free time, please e-mail me; if you have some tips or advice of how you made it into the business.THANX!! :)
Oh! Also, who is your closest bud from the cast of Edgemont?
Nov 26, 2001
9:58 PM
K Ketola
I just saw wishmaster 3 for the first time...I would just like to let you know I chose you over Angelina Jolie while I was at the rental place hun....it was a toss up between Wishmaster and Tomb Raider...and I don't like horrors..or anything of the sort LOL But it was definatley worth seeing you lose yer stomache ;)
Nov 26, 2001
8:48 PM
From: vancouver b.c
Favorite: wishmaster 3 and edgemont
Hey Daniella. How are you? I hope your having fun on the set of Edgemont. You are a very talented actor. You may not remember me, but we had a few conversations and I am Melissa's neighbor. It was fun talking to you and i hope i see you next time i'm at Edgemont. Since I dont have a computer and you want to reply to me you can do it on my friend Kenneths web page guestbook.
Nov 25, 2001
9:51 PM
From: Vancouver, BC
Favorite: Edgemont
Well Daniella, thanx for letting me know about this site. It's fabulous. I hope you had a chance to look at Kristen's. You are so wonderfully so down to earth. I look forward to wrapping this seaon of Edgemont with you and the rest of the cast....PS rocking choclate chip cookie recipe on the way ;-)
Nov 24, 2001
11:23 PM
From: vancouver, bc
Favorite: edgemont!
hey daniella i remember when i first saw you in disturbing behavior, and i thought you were a really really good actress. then i found out you were in edgemont and i knew i had to watch that too.. yea you are a really good actress and you are soo pretty! i like tracey best out of all the characters in edgemont.
Nov 24, 2001
6:37 PM
Elana Nep
From: Vancouver, BC
Favorite: EDGEMONT!!!
Hey Daniella!!
What a beautiful website! The gallery is AMAZING!!!
Talk to you soon!!
Nov 24, 2001
5:53 PM
kenneth haggerty
i was wunderin could u sign my guestbook cuz that would be cool havin a celeb sign it its not very good but oh well

Nov 24, 2001
5:49 PM
kenneth haggerty
From: vancouver b.c
Favorite: edgemont(duh) and wishmaster 3
Hi Daniella,my names kenneth i met u on the set of edgemont and i was talkin 2 u about wishmaster 3 and ur website and i had said it was nice talkin 2 u and u said the same and i came to ur page it's very good
p.s. your sis goes to my school
Nov 15, 2001
11:43 AM
Angel Marie
From: USA
Favorite: Edgemont
Thanks Daniella (if that was really you) for posting a message in my guestbook on On The Edge: Edgemont. Your site looks great. I'll return the favor and have many Edgemont fans visit here.
Nov 11, 2001
3:14 AM
Captain Amore
From: Not so far
If I were a pizza you'd be the hot sauce.
Nov 9, 2001
6:01 PM
Mr. Hollywood
From: North Vancouver
Favorite: Edgemont
I love Daniella cause she's on Edgemont and I live right around the corner from Edgemont village! I drive a Volvo too! Will you marry me?

If you do I'll let you operate the sunroof on my 89 special edition Volvo.

-Safety First!
Nov 8, 2001
9:31 PM
Hey Daniellicious... Congratulations! Really cool site. It's good for the world to have some 'Daniella-on-demand!' now.
I'm sure this site will soon be one of the most popular sites on the web, because with your talents and looks superstardom is around the corner! Keep on doing what you do and we'll all just be blown away watching!

Tutto il la cosa migliore - aC
Nov 8, 2001
4:05 PM
From: Peachland , BC
Favorite: Cabin by the lake (1&2)
I saw the movie " Cabin by the lake", and today while i was on the comp. i thought i'd check out your name because i just love you, i couldn't believe you had a web site. this is so cool to be writing you a letter.I'll be watching out for more of you in upcoming films.
Nov 8, 2001
3:54 PM
From: Burnaby, British Columbia
Favorite: Wishmaster 3
hey there, your web sites looking good, your pics are lookin great and sexy, keep it up

p.s. love you in wishmaster!!
Nov 8, 2001
3:47 PM
From: Vancouver, British Columbia
Favorite: Wishmaster 3
I saw you on wishmaster, edgemont and disturbing behaviour. I think you are so great and you are so beautiful. Your gallery has cool pictures and i hope to see you in many more movies. From a fan!
Nov 8, 2001
12:41 PM
JuggaLo Dangles
From: Brampton, Ontario
You kick ass in Edgemont!

We didn't get to see that much of you in the first season,but thats all fixed now that season 2 has started!!

I also dig all those horror flicks you're in too

Nov 8, 2001
12:40 PM
M. Rann
From: California
Congrads on the great new site! The internet will be a nicer place with you in it.

Lots of love. M
Nov 8, 2001
12:39 PM
Dear Daniella:
Wow, what a great site, I am such a big fan of yours. Your beautiful and talented.

Nov 8, 2001
12:38 PM
Dear Daniella,
It was a wonderful surprise to see your website I have been hoping you would have one soon. You are so beautiful, and talented.