Hi Daniella, this board is still active?
Yannick AKA Destroyer of the WOD clan
Apr 29, 2004
4:24 PM

I live in quebec and a couple of month ago the serie Edgemont as start , i start watching it and i saw you, i say for myself, i want to know more about that girl so i start some research and found a couple of site talk of you and of course your personal website.

I have looking all the section and i saw you are in a lot of horror movie, im a fan of that king of movie and when i say you are in wishmaster 3 , i remember that i have this movie somewhere and i search 30 minute to found it, i saw it a couple of years ago so i re-watch it just to see you, thats too bad you not got the main role, but thats cool your in it(by the way whats an horrible death your character have in that

I see you have reply to some of the topic , but there not a lot of post in 2004, so i know i have just a litle chance but i must try, i want to ask you something, i don`t saw any "contact me" on the site so i think this board is the only way to ask you, i just want to know if you signe personal autograph per post and where i can buy a poster or something about you.

So i wish you a great career, and your my favorite rising star , i continue to watch edgemont and i will try to found the enter movie you make, i don`t know the french title for mangler 2 but i will search, if you want to respond to me my e-mail is