the mangler!!!
Jan 3, 2004
2:10 AM
so.. i saw this movie at blockbuster.. nd i had to buy it cuz i love the word. :p so anywayz.. i saw daniella in this movie.. nd daniella to me lookd familiar then i found out that she was on edgemont.. nd my school has this thing where u can sign up to be an extra in edgemont, cuz where they film it is close too my scool . nd yeah! i just thought it was cool! btw i love the mangler! lol i just bought it for fun and ended up watching it quite a few times. my favorite part was when the computers in the computer lab turned and they all flashed "YOU'VE BEEN MANGLED" haha .. i liked that! my other favorite part was when emily (daniella) and corey were going out of the kitchen nd they like shuffled out.. i dont no why but it was funny anyone else watch this moviee?? what did u guys think of it? anywayz i dunno if daniella looks at her boards but if so then can u tell me what ur favorite song is?? thnx!

Feb 7, 2004
3:10 PM
1 word "HOT", looked great in that movie.
Ben Gansen
Feb 12, 2004
9:09 PM
The Mangler 2. One word. Horrible. This was one of the worst movies ever made. This movie must be mining pretty deep because it needs plenty of plot holes for ventilation. I do have to congratulate the lady whose site this is on doing a good job of looking like a slut. I mean, her name is Daniella. She did a good job as "distrought guest" in that tv show. Holla for shiesse movies with schiesse actors/actresses.