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Sept 10 Daniella Evangelista
August 13 We've added 24 new photos to Daniella's Gallery, including one special photo of Daniella with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. We've also added a great link to 15 Minutes Magazine 's article featuring Daniella's Royal visit in Monaco!

In the next little while we'll be adding a completely separate photo gallery featuring Daniella's photos from Monaco, so keep checking back!
July 13 The past two months have been very busy months for Daniella.

On the week of July 12, Daniella starred in the music video for the latest Nickelback single called "Someday". This is a wonderful experience for Daniella as she worked with the very reputable director Nigel Dick who is famous for his music videos with well-known artists as Oasis, Savage Garden, Britney Spears, N'Sync and Cher.

On June 13, 14 and 15, Daniella was in Monte Carlo to attend His Serene Highness, The Crown Prince Albert of Monaco's Bal de l'Ete. The theme of the ball was Elegance, Youth and Beauty, which says the invitation, "will gather the brilliant new generation descending from the best families as well as numerous personalities from Europe and all over the world". Daniella was one of seven VIP guests, the only one from Canada. She did not know one soul at the event, but soon made friends from all over the world. Daniella wore a gown from Georges Chakra, jewels by Bijem and hair by Jacques Dessange of Monte Carlo. Photographers and the media from all over the world were there to take pictures, and Daniella's presence at the ball was recorded in magazines and television programs all over the world.

Daniella in Monaco
Daniella in Monaco in June, 2003
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In the same month she starred in an independent romantic comedy working with director Roger Patterson titled Searching for Boris.

In the meanwhile she flew back to Vancouver to work with Canadian actors and directors on two short films. In Matthew Blecha's The Mall Man she played the character named "Crystal."

Finally, Daniella reunited with director David Mickey Evans to shoot a movie for TNT called Wilder Days with Tim Daly and Peter Falk.
May 30 Congratulations Daniella on winning "Canadian Babe of Summer 2003". Check out the website for a new interview with our favourite actress!

Also, there are 6 new photos in Daniella's photo gallery!
April 29 Very important announcement!

Daniella Evangelista is the International Youth Spokesperson for the Children With AIDS Project charity.

To find out more about the Children With AIDS Project, visit:

To read more about Daniella's involvement with this important charity, visit:
April 29 New updates

1 new photo has been added to the Gallery, and 3 new websites have been added to Links.
Feb 20 Another exciting Daniella Evangelista news bulletin!

Daniella Evangelista

First, there are 8 new photos of Daniella in the Gallery, 3 new websites listed in the Links section, and 1 TV guest appearance added to Daniella's Filmography.

(The photos really are quite lovely!)

Then, on Wednesday, February 26, Daniella will be in Toronto as a guest on the Open Mike with Mike Bullard show.

Country star Vince Gill will also be a guest with Daniella. It should make for an exciting show! Check your TV guides for the time and channel. Mark it down on your calendar!!

Next, an Alienated episode titled "Good Advice" will be guest starring Daniella as "Julie McBride", a beautiful grade 12 high school student who goes to the defense of the 14 year old series regular. She will reunite with Try Seventeen's producer Shawn Williamson.

And to clarify the news on the anime series Boys Over Flowers, it will be released on DVD in video stores across the USA soon.
Feb 06 Lots of excellent news!

Daniella just wrapped up the 4th season of Edgemont. There will be a fifth season. That means that there will be more Tracey in the future!

There are 5 brand new pictures of Daniella in her Gallery, including a photo with Usher! Go and check it out. You know you want to!

In the U.S., Hamtaro debuted in June on the Cartoon Network, ranking No. 1 within its time slot among kids on U.S. cable television. Daniella, who plays the character Kana, has been signed for three more seasons!

In the near future, keep an eye out for the animated series Boys Over Flowers, as our beloved Daniella plays Eriko, the tough lead sidekick.

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Nov 05 Yes, it's true! Daniella will be appearing in Just Cause on November 17th, episode "Making News". Check your local TV programming schedule for the channel and time.
Oct 08 Breaking news - Daniella will be working on Twilight Zone together with R&B sensation, Usher. More details in the near future.
Oct 08 If you're looking for something hilariously entertaining, read "17 Questions with Daniella Evangelista" - a new interview found in the Links section of this website. You know you want to read it!
Oct 08 One special Edgemont photo has been added to the Daniella Photo Gallery.
Sep 23 We've just added 12 smokin' new photos of Daniella in her photo Gallery. Check them out, as they're definitely a must see!
Sep 20 Happy Birthday Daniella!!!
Aug 02

Hamtaro, the new cartoon (which is currently shown on the Cartoon Network in the USA), will be airing on Monday, August 5th in Canada on YTV. Daniella's character is Kana.
Aug 02 New info in Daniella's Filmography.
Jun 16
Finally! We've added 6 new incredible photos of Daniella in her photo Gallery.
Jun 14 Daniella's finishing off 52 episodes for the upcoming anime cartoon called Hamtaro. The show is currently airing in the USA. Check it out!
Jun 14 Next week Daniella will begin shooting an episode for the award winning Canadian TV cop series, Cold Squad. Daniella's character is a suave street racer named Jackie, so keep an eye out for her in the near future!
May 21 We've added a brand new link with an uber-cool interview with Daniella in the Links section. It'll give you some insight into Daniella's opinion of the horror movie genre, and what it's like to act in them. (Among other things of course!)
May 21 New info in Daniella's Filmography.
Apr 16 Daniella just wrapped a feature with Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood, titled Try Seventeen. Not only will she be sharing the screen with Elijah, but with Franka Potente (Run Lola Run) and teen singing sensation, Mandy Moore.
Apr 16 New listing for Try Seventeen in Daniella's Filmography.
Feb 15 New photos in Daniella's Gallery!
Jan 01 New listing for After School Special in Daniella's Filmography.
Jan 01 MTV series Sausage Factory is now playing - watch out for episode "Hang Ups".
Jan 01 Daniella is currently shooting an after school special feature film with star cast consisting of Amy Smart, Erik von Detten and Tony Denman.
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