Fun Facts
Name: Daniella Evangelista

Birthday: September 20

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Birthplace: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Favourite Color: all shades of blue, to turquoise

Favourite Actors: Edward Norton, Johnny Depp

Hobbies: Her hobbies definetly range from a total suzie homemaker to your adverage tomboy. She loves to cook and does a lot of it! She takes after her grandma and bakes and sews. She also loves to play sports, video andcomputer games, painting and crafts. She looks forward to the nice weather to lounge at the beach, and go on camping trips where she can fish and hike. Daniella also dedicated herself and trained with friends to qualify to cycle in many oraganized rides such as the Aids Ride, many rides for charity or just plain fun through canyons, by the beach, or around the Beverly Hills and Santa Monica streets. She loves to bike ride to free her mind, be determined and mentally and phsiycally train herself, and above all have lots of fun. She says she loves riding on the roads by advocado and orange farms, and loves her Italian de Rosa road bike and is even styling in the sweaty sun with lots of cool funky bike gear. One of her jerseys sports the Itliancolors and Ferrarri symbol, another her fav character Tazmanian devil.

Says Daniella, "Its great when you ride in a pack with people you really get along with and can open up to. We would ride up to 100 miles in one day so you can kind of get delirious on your bike. We would sing songs and be grooving to the beat on our bikes, telling jokes - have just about any conversation and get out what's on your mind, or just be in your own world. It's such a wonderful feeling when you finish and it's join the celebration."